BlackBerry Internet Service Website Logon Guide

To access your email on your BlackBerry you need to set up your BlackBerry phone to receive mails. This is done through the BlackBerry Internet Service website or BIS for short.

BlackBerry Internet Service Website login

You can login to your personal BlackBerry Internet  Service website from your BlackBerry mobile or from the BlackBerry homepage for your provider. The first time you login you should login from your BlackBerry mobile to create a user name to use for login on the website. You can create the BlackBerry Internet Service website user name on your BlackBerry after you go through the personal email setup guide, at the end of the guide you should be prompted to create a website login. If you already have setup email on your BlackBerry just go through the guide again and confirm existing settings.

When you finish setting up your BlackBerry Internet Service Profile you can login to the BIS web site using your blackberry Internet provider login URL. You will typically find this link from your provider homepage. The URL will be some thing like where “XXX” will be your provider ID for example is the provider ID “vzw” if you have Verizon Wireless as your carrier.

What you can do with your new personal BlackBerry Internet Service Website

Once you have created your BIS login along with your own password, you can use your private BIS site for:

  • Setup email. If you favor you should use your own BIS site to set up your entire email options. this may even be completed from a Blackberry unit, it really is up to you what you choose. This also includes configuring email intended for various other account for instance Gmail (Google mail)
  • Setup e-mail filtration systems. Utilize e mail filter systems to create what email accounts your emails must be sent to.
  • Change just what Blackberry device you are using in that BIS account
  • Change the login  password

Accessing the BlackBerry Internet Service from your Device

To access BlackBerry Internet service from your device you could just type the BIS address into your browser the address depends on what blackberry Internet provider you have (as mentioned under Internet Service Website login) or the easier way is to click on the personal email set up icon on your blackberry. This will do the same thing and take you to your Internet provider BIS site.

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